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Marybeth's Books are Available on click the link:

Marybeth's latest book is Intuitive Heart, Intuitive Heart will open your heart, mind and soul to receive messages from your higher self. What I call your soul-self, who you really are now and forever. You feel your Intuition through your Heart, so learn how to open your whole heart, as well as your third eye, embrace your feelings and follow them. Watch your life path open up and be lead down the perfect trail for you now..

Intuitive Heart

Paths to your Soul-Self, in it she teaches you how to connect with your soul's purpose. Take a journey toward your soul and live on purpose today.

In Opening Heaven's Door, Marybeth talks about supernatural events witnessed when a loved one is about to cross over. We never die, our soul-self lives forever. Our soul-self is who we really are, not just our physical bodies, but our very soul!

On Angels Wings-Angelic Interventions is a self-help book on Angels and near death experiences. In it she explores spirituality and how to awaken your soul-self. She recalls her near death experience and how it changed her life forever.

Thank You God For Today is a self-help book sharing Marybeth's personal story of triumph over domestic abuse. In it she encourages women to take back their personal power. Abuse is wrong the first time and every time. There are many faces of domestic violence and it crosses all social-economic factors. Her hope is to help you to heal your self and find hope for a better tomorrow.

She offers words of encouragement for clients to discover and realize their highest good. She radiates love and positive energy to clients. She is a Reiki Master & Teacher Certified and offers healing treatments for her clients. Giving clients clarity and inspiration in all life areas.