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Welcome To The Healing Soul LLC

New podcast coming February 2023, The Healing Soul LLC

Empowering Wellness & Oneness

Offering Reiki Sessions to clients.

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What is Reiki? Reiki is a ancient Japanese healing technique that promotes healing of the entire self.

Bringing balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual-self. Reiki works quickly to unblock any energy blockages to increase the flow of energy throughout the clients body. It eases pain and promotes heailing. Rei - Universal, Ki - Energy, helps clients increase their Universal Energy to feel better on all levels of their being.

Empowering Wellness & Oneness

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Marybeth's Books are Available on click the link:

Marybeth's latest book is Intuitive Heart, Intuitive Heart will open your heart, mind and soul to receive messages from your higher self. What I call your soul-self, who you really are now and forever. You feel your Intuition through your Heart, so learn how to open your whole heart, as well as your third eye, embrace your feelings and follow them. Watch your life path open up and be lead down the perfect trail for you now..

Intuitive Heart